Where is Wicked Coatings based?

The company is currently run from Poole in Dorset

How many franchisees do you have?

As we only started to franchise in May 2014, our first franchisees will start in August 2014. Our Poole operation has been offering Wicked Coatings hydrographics services to customers all over the country for the past two years and the demand has now led to us expanding our operations and service offering through franchising.

Is this business new?

Custom spray painting and the desire to improve or give various surfaces a bespoke look has been around for many years in different forms. However hydrographics printing or water transfer printing is a relatively new and different process that has been combined with paint spraying techniques, allowing almost any object to be customised. Our mission is to bring this diverse process to customers all over the country, who will be able to customise wheels, car interior trim, mirror caps, air guns, games consoles and household goods to name but a few. The owners and founders of Wicked Coatings are personally involved in the business and will be hands on in the training, development and support of our franchisees.

Are your profit figures realistic?

Yes, all figures that we quote to our prospective franchisees are based on the actual performance of the business over a two year period. Having said this, no franchisor can guarantee an individual franchisee’s success.

How much capital is required?

The up-front fee is £35,000.00 and you will need funds for fitting out your light industrial unit and installing the equipment as well as working capital to cover the early growth of your Hydrographics business. We would recommend a total of £125,000.00 to start the business. To assist in this, through our development consultants we can introduce you to the franchise departments of a number of the major banks.

What is the management service fee?

We believe that our franchisees must reap the rewards of their hard work, and therefore have kept our fees as low as possible. Our management service fee is 6.5% of turnover. This goes toward the extensive costs that Wicked Coatings incurs on behalf of its franchisees. These costs include franchise management, business development, ongoing training and support.

Is this a full time franchise?

Yes. We would expect our franchisees businesses to be run to the same level of our Hydrographics operation in Poole. To meet customer demand, the business must be open on weekdays and as demand grows you may be required to open on Saturdays and run extra shifts.

Can I talk to your current franchisees?

Yes – but only after we have conducted an interview to ensure that both you and we are happy that this is the right business for you. You will then be free to speak to our current Hydrographics franchisees and spend time with our head office staff or one of our franchisees, providing we are happy with your application.

Will I need a computer?

Yes, a laptop is supplied as part of the equipment pack and we would certainly expect franchisees to use a computer for business management and communication.

Do I need to be a spray painter?

You do not need to be a spray painter in order to run the business as you will have suitably qualified staff to carry out the required processes and operations.  However, you will need the ability to communicate well, manage a team, enjoy meeting people and have lots of energy and enthusiasm.

What services will I provide?

You will provide your customers with Hydrographics coatings which include the following patterns:

  • Animal
  • Camo
  • Carbon
  • Metal
  • Skulls
  • Stone
  • Wood

If you are interested in pursuing this exciting Hydrographics franchise opportunity further then please use the application form above or contact us today should you have any questions